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Procedure for using our AutoCAD design and drafting services

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Procedure for your AutoCAD design and drafting projects using the online service

  • Your paper drawings, sketches, redlines and instructions for design, drafting and standards are delivered to our office by mail, overnight mail, or courier

  • Scans (.tif, .jpg or .pdf files) of your paper drawings, sketches and redlines are made at your location and files with instructions are emailed to us or faxes of these same source documents are sent to our location

  • Your existing AutoCAD titleblocks and files are emailed or zipped on a CD or floppy disk and delivered to our office

  • Alternatively, all source documents and files can be picked up or delivered in person if local to the Denver, Colorado area

  • Your drawings, instructions and proposals are reviewed and a quote and a timeframe is provided to you

  • Upon your acceptance of the terms, the design and/or drafting service is performed using your established standards and titleblocks-if these entities are not available, we will coordinate and establish them with you

  • Upon conclusion of the drafting, the electronic files are emailed to your location and all source documents are returned if desired

  • CD's that contain your AutoCAD files are delivered to you if desired

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