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Top quality AutoCAD 3D solid modeling services offered for various conceptual and finished projects

Models will be saved in AutoCAD 2004 .dwg format unless specified otherwise

.SLA and/or .STL file formats for solid models are provided

Drafting quality of the solid models will meet your 100% satisfaction

3D solid modeling service

  • 3D prototype component solid models

  • 3D exploded view models

  • 3D integrated models

  • 3D conceptual and visualization models

  • Conversion of 2D drawings into high-quality, superbly detailed and accurate 3D solid models


Applications for 3D solid models

  • Design and development of a product from initial conceptualization through prototyping and final manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing using stereolithography
  • Detailed 2D fabrication and engineering drawings
  • Patent drawings
  • Renderings for product and manufacturing documentation, marketing literature and website object graphics
  • Operating and assembly instruction manuals
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Analysis of motion, fit, interference and function
  • Analysis of weight and center of gravity of components and assemblies
  • Product life cycles
  • Troubleshooting of design flaws
  • Reverse engineering
  • Determination of manufacturing processes and sequences
  • Production of physical components

  • Contact us today with a description or narrative of your project
  • We can take your ideas, concept drawings, sketches and verbal directions to produce 3D solid models of components and integrated and/or exploded view assemblies using AutoCAD 2006

Contact: Andy Landt
Andy's Best CAD
1323 Carlyle Park Circle
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129
Please email inquiries to: sales at
Business hours: Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm Mountain Time

Home Services 3D Services Projects Procedure Experience Samples Pricing Links Contact

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